Babysitting 101

Are you ready to stay home alone, watch your brothers and sisters while your parents are gone, or do you want to babysit younger children? If so it is time to take our Babysitter 101 course. The course is designed for young teens ages 11+ who want to learn the skills needed to safely care for themselves and younger children. Our Babysitter 101 course will offer basic childcare needs ranging from bottle feeding and diaper changing all the way to CPR and AED use. Each course lasts approximately 5 hours with lunch provided. By keeping the class time short and the students interested in what they are learning, we feel that they are more likely to retain the knowledge needed to be a successful babysitter. Upon completion of our Babysitter 101 course you will receive a certificate showing that you have successfully completed the course.

First Aid
Emergency Preparedenss
Child Care

New courses coming soon:

All of our classes are certified by the American Heart Association